TPA provides a comprehensive range of services related to its employed solution to ensure its contractors in the Netherlands work compliantly and are focusing on their assignment. In that respect, we undertake the following:

  • We employ the contractor
  • We run a payroll and deduct the necessary tax and social security costs*
  • We assist with opening a Dutch bank account
  • We assist with the completion and filing of the Dutch income tax return
  • We provide a portal with real-time information on the compliance status of the contractor
  • We invoice the client within 24 hours of receipt of the timesheet
  • We make a payment within 24 hours of receipt of funds from the client
  • We reply to any queries within 24 hours, but usually much faster
  • There are no start-up or hidden fees

TPA uses its designated G-account to make sure that we pay your taxes and social security on your income correctly and on time.

*The employer and employee social costs are part of the contract value.

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